Ever wonder exactly what it is that sets Alfa Romeo vehicles apart from the competition? At Ken Pollock Alfa Romeo, we're proud to be your local home for these legendary, world-class vehicles. But, we understand that not all of our customers know all of the incredible qualities that make Alfa Romeo stand out. Which is why we've done in-depth research comparing our vehicles against the competition.

When it comes to cars, there are sedans, and then there is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. A topnotch, world-class sedan in a league of its own, the Giulia offers the space and sensibility of the classic style, with the sophistication and luxury only Alfa Romeo can offer.

We pit our gorgeous Giulia up against a competing sedan that we've noticed a lot of Wilkes Barre drivers choose, the Honda Accord. We learned a lot about our beloved sedan during this Giulia model comparison adventure, including:

  • Interior Space. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is slightly more spacious for you and your passengers than the Accord. With more headroom and more front seat legroom, the Giulia is a more comfortable ride.
  • Power. Giulia far outshines the Accord when it comes to thrills behind the wheel. Our car starts with a 280 horsepower base engine and has an optional, turbocharged V6 worth an astounding 505 horsepower. Meanwhile, the Accord starts with a standard turbocharged four-cylinder worth 192 horsepower, and has an optional, turbocharged four-cylinder engine worth 252 horsepower.

To see all of the research and in-depth analysis we've put together on the Alfa Romeo Giulia, stop by and visit us in person, or browse through the pages on our website. Our sales team can answer any questions you might have about this stunning sedan, and help you learn everything about it that makes it perfect for your next car-buying journey.

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