At Ken Pollock Alfa Romeo, we clearly think highly of our topnotch Alfa Romeo models. But, we know there are plenty of fish in the sea, and you may have your eye on more than one new vehicle. Which is why we've done a little comparison homework for you, to help you understand all of the qualities and virtues that make our vehicles the best ones for your next set of wheels.

If you're considering a new SUV, and both the Honda CR-V and our Alfa Romeo Stelvio are drawing your attention, we can help. If your side that appreciates power and sophistication is at war with you practical side, there's no need to sacrifice your love of the finer things in life, because our Stelvio offers all the practicality and the world-class style you want, as opposed to the CR-V which is all sensibility and very little pizazz.

There are a number of ways the Stelvio outshines the CR-V for both luxury and practicality in one-to-one comparison, including:

  • Power. The Stelvio starts you out with a fun, turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder rated for 280 horsepower, and goes up from there on other models. The Honda CR-V doesn't even come close to comparing, with a base engine that's rated for 184 horsepower, and an upgraded one that tops out at 190 horsepower.
  • Efficiency. The Alfa Romeo is more powerful, but its more-powerful engine is also more efficient. The base engine Stelvio averages a range of 372 miles in the city and 473 miles on the highway per fill-up, while the Honda averages 364 miles in the city and 448 miles on the highway per tank of gas.

To see all of the results of our in-depth model comparisons, review our Stelvio research pages. To meet this incredible SUV in person and test it out for yourself, stop by and visit our expert sales team on Mundy Street in Wilkes Barre.

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