Most Wilkes Barre drivers don't give their brake pads much thought until they're brakes become noisy or stop performing like they should. Although these components seem quite simple, they play a very active role in slowing and stopping your vehicle. At Ken Pollock Alfa Romeo, we're committed to sharing information that helps stress the importance of good brake maintenance. By ensuring that your brake pads are always in excellent condition, you can enjoy shorter stopping distances and higher levels of safety.

What Brake Pads Are

In a disc-braking system, brake pads are pressed against the rotors or rotating discs to create the friction that's necessary for slowing wheel speeds. In short, they perform the action that stops your car when you depress the pedal. Worn brake pads are always less effective than ones that are new and fully intact.

Signs Your Brake Pads Are Starting To Wear Down

Given that they're constantly being exposed to friction, brake pads invariably wear down over time. It's generally best to have these components inspected once every six months or at each oil change. If you hear squeaking, squealing sounds when you depress your brake pedal, or hear metal-on-metal grinding, it's definitely time to have your brake pads changed. Needing to use more force when braking, and noticeable increases in your stopping distance are also signs that your brake pads have reached the end of their lifespan. For fast, friendly automotive service, stop by Ken Pollock Alfa Romeo today.



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