Do You Transport Your Pets?

You will inevitably have to put your pet in the car at some point. Some people regularly take their dogs, cats and other pets for a ride to the park, to the vet, etc., so here are some tips for keeping your car clean when transporting your furry friends:

Clean Up With A Cleaning Tool And Vacuum

If it does so happen that your car's seats and carpets become plagued with pet hair, here are some tools you can use along with a vacuum hose for quick and easy removal:

  • Fine-bristled brush designed for removing animal hair
  • Lint roller
  • Squeegee
  • Pumice stone

Avoid Pet Hair By Covering Up Or Using A Kennel

It isn't necessary to make a mess in your clean car. To avoid a mess, you could try covering up the seats or even put your pet in a storage kennel where they will be safer anyway.



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