Keeping up with routine maintenance is always important, but one task you never want to skip is an Alfa Romeo oil change. The mechanics here at Ken Pollock Alfa Romeo will be quick to tell you why you need this service and which kinds of mechanical issues could indicate that you need an Alfa Romeo service appointment.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated, and protects the smaller, more delicate parts from damage. As your engine works hard to keep your car moving, it creates plenty of heat and friction. The oil helps protect those components, but old, dirty oil doesn't do this job as well.

This is why you occasionally need to change your oil. Delaying this service causes your engine to work harder, which can hurt your fuel economy numbers and raise your chances of damaging your engine. Engine damage is expensive to fix and could shorten the life of your Alfa Romeo car, while an oil change is a fraction of the cost.

Signs You Need an Oil Change

Your car can tell you that it needs an oil change in a few different ways. As we mentioned, old oil could result in reduced gas mileage, but you might also notice:

  • Burning or smoky smells
  • Knocking or grinding noises from your engine
  • Excess vibrations while idling
  • Check engine light or oil light turning on

You can also check the oil yourself if you want. If you notice that oil levels are low or that your current oil is thick and grainy, it’s time for an oil change.

So if you need an oil change, don't delay. Visit Ken Pollock Alfa Romeo in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and talk to our skilled mechanics today. We'll help you keep your luxury car in top shape!

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